SOFI-SCENTS - Highly Scented Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers, Burning Oil & Sprays
Please read instructions/Burning Tips/Care Tips on how to use each product!
Sofi-Scents assumes no responsibility of the misuse of any products.
Candles:(for the avid burners)
Sofi-Scents Candles has an approx. burn time of 45-50 hours for the 8oz. jar.
Sofi-Scents candles are made from Soy Wax which means it's better for the environment and will be better for you to burn!  Soy has a memory and the first burn will begin to activate that memory.  While burning Sofi-Scents candles, burn your candle for at least 1-hour and no longer than 2-hours. Burning for an hour will develop a burning "pool" and prevent tunneling (which is when there is wax left around the sides of the jar) from not burning long enough. Always use a heat resistant base to prevent objects from getting too hot. Before relighting your candle, trim your wick, this will prevent the soot (black residue), never burn your candle under a ceiling fan or drafty area. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED!
Reed Diffusers: (for the worry/free)
Each Reed Diffuser will last between 30-45 days!
Sofi-ScentsReed Diffusers are easy and quick to use! When you receive your Reed, simply take out the clear cap insert the reeds in the oil and then dip the other end  and leave it! I always recommend my customers turn the sticks everyday for the first week and then as needed thereafter! Enjoy!
Room Sprays: (for the quick relief)
Sofi-Scents Room Sprays are potent and productive! Since these they carry a powerful punch, use them sparingly and it will last for a while!  It is recommended that you use them in your home, closet, car, but not on your skin or clothes! If you choose to use in your car, always spray as you are exiting to avoid inhaling the oil. Enjoy!
Burning Oils: (for all day)
Sofi-Scents Burning Oils are also potent. While it's not recommended that you burn your candle all day, here's the perfect substitute! They should be used with your oil burners only. Be careful while opening your jar. Should you spill oil, wash hands immediately and/or wipe excess residue from surface.
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