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Sophisticated Skin Creme
Sophisticated by Sofi-Scents
Sophisticated by Sofi-Scents
A Natural Skin Creme
Sophisticated by Sofi-Scents is a Natural Skin Crème that is comprised
of all natural ingredients that were made for the skin. As you apply it,
it melts on contact for easy absorption; permeating the skin with deep
Nourishment and long lasting moisture and hydration giving you a touch
of silky soft skin.
 Rich in natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,
Mango Butter, Avocado Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil, Grape Seed Oil,
Kukui Nut Oil and Rosemary Extract..just to name a few.
Sophisticated is wonderful for all types of skin
(even the sensitive skin) acting as an extra moisturizing emollient
agent to improve the skins elasticity and suppleness.
A little goes along way!
 It comes in the following scents:
1. Unscented has the natural scents of the oils and butters that are comprised in this creme. It was designed for those who choose to use it as a base moisturizer without any other fragrance.
2. Milk n' Honey is a lightly scented fragrance (which means that the creme has been scented to allow you to continue to use your favorite perfume without the two scents fighting to demand attention. Please note that this scent smells somewhat like the natural butters and oils (the coco butter might seem dominate due to the potency); but is still a light fragrance.
3. If you need something that will cover up the natural ingredients, then the Midnight Pomegranate is right for you. This scent is very similar to the BBW brand type.
4. The Warm Vanilla Sugar is another light scent that closely similar to BBW. A very nice and relaxing fragrance.
5. Look whose joined the team - Lavender Vanilla is a fan favorite when it comes to the merging of two scents. It's a complex yet refreshing, relaxing and  soothing scent.
Enjoy Sophisticated Skin Creme
------------------------------Discontinue use if signs of irritation -----------------
Sophisticated Natural Skin Creme
2oz. Round Jar
Price: $7.00
Fragrance Selection:
2 oz. Round Jar:
Sophisticated Natural Skin Creme
4oz. Oval Jar
Price: $13.00
Fragrance Selection:
Sophisticated Natural Skin Creme
6oz. Wide Mouth Jar
Price: $19.00
Fragrance Selection:
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